Let me introduce myself. I’m Niki and I teach sensitive souls, like you, how to embrace their emotional vulnerability and heightened senses so that they can proudly live their lives being who they are rather than hiding away. I took myself from an emotional ball of anxiety to adventurous and empowered without losing my tender heart. I found this so freeing to finally be able to be myself in a world that always felt too loud and overwhelming. I just knew that I needed to share this with any other woman who has ever felt the same way so that she can go further and dream bigger. 




The Ultimate Positivity Resource Library

Get access to my Dance It Out! playlist, have-a-good-day mantras, dream-it-do-it journal, and my favorite positivity books plus much more, in my resource library for you to use fo’ free!


DIY Self-Care Retreat Weekend 

Have you ever wanted to go to one of those fancy getaway retreats but thought that it was too expensive? Well, what if you could have the relaxation of a retreat weekend without the cost? 


Sensitive Soul Project

Have you ever been told that you are “too sensitive”? Do you get your feelings hurt easily and worry about hurting others’ feelings? Did you know that you can feel these feels and still be a strong and brave woman?