Sensitive Soul Project

What if told you that being sensitive isn't a weakess, it's actually a strength and a gift?

Let's be honest, in a world where everyone's on autopilot you feel so many wonderful things. Your heart soars when you hear an inspiring song on the radio. (I'm looking at you, Fight Song!) You see all the colors in the rainbow with clear eyes. You smell the cookies baking in the oven long before anyone else does. 

But, sometimes, it's overwhelming. People tell you that you are "too sensitive" and to "toughen up" when you are crying because someone hurt your feelings. You feel defeated and isolated when others just don't understand you. You are frustrated because your friends don't know why you're upset.

Dear beautiful soul, I want you to know that your dream isn't so far away and you CAN feel understood and appreciated by your friends...


  • Are you that one friend that is constantly in tears while everyone is wondering what the heck you're so upset about? It makes you look like a drama queen and no one wants to tell you the truth for fear that you'll lose it and they'll have to "take care of you" until you stop crying. It's awkward for everyone involved...
  • Do you feel like you're crazy some days? Realizing that other people don't feel, hear, see, and smell the world the same as you do can feel alienating, like something is wrong with you.
  • Do you hate going out in public because you never know who will be there or what the noise level will be? It can be super uncomfortable being unprepared for a loud and obnoxious crowd when all you wanted was a cozy night at home.


But, let's get real, don't you want to...

  • Keep your emotions in check in public?
  • Be able to take time for yourself knowing that your friends understand why you need alone time without feeling rejected?
  • Be able to socialize without feeling anxiety around every word that comes out of your mouth?
  • Feel strong and empowered by what you know and feel about yourself and the world around you?

Here's the #realtalk...being highly-sensitive is a gift, but until you fully embrace that and realize it's up to you to take care of yourself, you can't expect others to understand where you are coming from and how they can best understand, love, and take care of you. 

Hi! I'm Niki and, believe me, I've been where you are!

I always felt abused and misunderstood by the people considered "friends". I even held onto a toxic relationship with an ex who used to call me a baby every time I cried (which was a lot with him.) He was legitimately mean but I didn't know then what know now. I didn't know that I had the power to leave him and that there wasn't (and still isn't) anything wrong with me. 

I didn't know I had an untapped superpower within me. 

I didn't know that I needed to love and take care of myself first before I could expect anyone else to.

But, now, I travel the myself! I feel loved and appreciated by friends, family, and coworkers, because I know how to express myself clearly in a way that makes me feel comfortable and empowered. I created a business of my own that I am in love with. 

And, the best part? I didn't lose my tender heart in the process. 

But, NONE of this would have happened if I hadn't learned how to be proactive rather than reactive in relationships and fully loving and embracing my sensitive soul.

Let's cut to the chase - if you want to transform your sensitivity into a gift, you'll need to tap into these 3 key elements:

Working from the Inside Out

Taking Care of Your Body

Relating to the Outside World

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You want to know how to feel more sane? This is it.

There is no pill you can take for a quick fix.

There is no snapping your fingers and changing your circumsances.

It takes some deep digging and making a few mindset shifts, but it is totally possible.

I am living and breathing proof of this. 

If you were to ask my friends, they would tell you what a different person I am from a few years ago...for the better.

  • I can now openly share my feelings and concerns without losing control.
  • I can handle mean/rude people better and not take it personally.
  • I am able to confidently travel on my own, even to other countries!
  • I am comfortable in my own skin.
  • I feel fit and nourished, ready to take on the world!

Well, that sounds amazing, Niki...How do YOU get to that point of being comfortable with your emotions, senses, and relationships?

You can learn how to conquer your emotions, embrace your sensitivity and relate to the world around you with ease with the...

Here's what you can expect in this training:

  • Module 1: Preparing Yourself for Your Transformation
  • Module 2: Inside Out - digging deep into your soul
  • Module 3: Self-Care Rituals - how to take care of yourself as a sensitive soul
  • Module 4: Relating to the Outside World - relationships, sensory overload, overstimulation
  • Module 5: Live Your Adventure - how to get excited about your life

 The Sensitive Soul Project is currently closed.

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